I was recently asked how I continue to inspire students musically. There are so many ways to inspire, and some forms of inspiration work for some students better than others. However, after some thought and reflection, I’ve determined that, regardless of the tool used to inspire, the best thing I can do is to be delighted and enthusiastic about the process of discovery myself! Maybe it’s discovering the joys of music through our different senses (I’ve been known to give a student a piece of chewy caramel, then ask them to play their melody like the taste or texture of the candy!), or maybe it’s discovering a new piece, or a new composer, or even discovering a new way of sitting that makes playing more comfortable. Whatever the discovery, my students are far more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if their teacher is enthusiastic about learning!

And about that caramel…be sure you get the kind with a little salt and dark chocolate in the mix. I’ve discovered it makes for the most tasty, well-connected melody lines!!