Blessed is the man who can sing his song when the theatre is empty and the orchestra is gone.

Music has been called the universal language. It makes sharing life on planet earth so much easier! In spite of all the differences between people of the world, and no matter where you live or what you believe, we can all experience music together, whether it results in smiles, a tear, or some get-down, serious toe-tapping! Making music with others – whether teaching or performing or listening – is a marvelous way to share life together!

Music gives life to our bodies, our brains, and our souls. Just check out some of the recent scientific studies where the effects of music on the human body have been observed and measured. It is seriously amazing stuff. Songs really do power up our bodies!

The idea of lifesong is also a great metaphor for spiritual life. For me personally, God is my lifesong – the one who provides the rhythm, the melody and the harmony of my life. In response, I want my life to sing a song of praise to my God, even when the theatre is empty and the orchestra is gone.

It is also my heart’s desire, that just maybe, along the way, my life song will encourage others to sing when they’ve lost the words, the melody – or perhaps, even the beat.

Here’s to the gift of song – and here’s to life!